Closed: Century Break in Fujisawa, Kanagawa

Century Break Outside 1

Editor’s Note: Century Break closed on 20th January 2018. This review has been left up for archive purposes. Century Break The Bottom Line If you’re in the area, then Century Break is definitely worth popping into for a couple of quiet beers. It’s got a decent range of beers on at reasonable prices which all include tax. Moreover, there is …


McGuffin in Bashamichi, Yokohama

McGuffin Front

McGuffin The Bottom Line We’re never negative at BeerTengoku without a reason but with McGuffin it’s impossible to be anything but negative about the place. Three times I’ve tried to get in: 1) The bar was closed even though people were drinking insider; 2) the bar had run out of draft beer; and 3) I finally realised that it was a …

Rohan and Heaven’s Door in Benten, Niigata

Rohan and Heaven's Door Front

Rohan and Heaven’s Door The Bottom Line With Bar Olive and Olive Another Pint just across the road, I can’t recommend Rohan and Heaven’s Door to anyone, unless you’re trying to impress someone where the popular kids hang out. With tax not included in the prices, and a smoking policy both inside and outside, this place has got a lot of …

Jingle Beer & Dining in Yokohama, Kanagawa

Jingle Beer & Dining Front

Jingle Beer & Dining The Bottom Line While I wanted to like Jingle Beer & Dining, the fact that it is fully smoking and a table charge of ¥432 per person means it’s an overall thumbs down for this place. While the beer list is to be commended as there were some different beers on there, what was supposed to be a …


Two Dogs Taproom in Roppongi, Tokyo

Two Dogs Taproom Front

Two Dogs Taproom One Paragraph Review If it weren’t for the smoking, Two Dogs Taproom would come highly recommended but seeing as the whole bar is smoking it gets marked down to a recommended if you can handle the smoke or can go when no one is smoking. The range of beers is solid and the happy hour from 5pm to …

[Closed]: Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi in Yoshidamachi, Kannai

Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi

Editor Note: Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi One has closed down. This review has been kept for posterity’s sake Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi One Paragraph Review If you come to Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi for the craft beer, then there isn’t much of a selection and you may leave disappointed; however, the house beer, a California commons Green × Brimmer Cowgoyle, is nice. All the prices include …

Vector Beer Factory in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Vector Beer Factory Outside

Vector Beer Factory, the sister bar to Vector Beer reviewed here, is located less than minute up the road from Vector Beer though it specialises in IPAs and oven cooked food instead of cow’s tongue. Someone seems to have thought that catering for the IPA crowd is a great idea as all the beers on tap at Vector Beer Factory are IPAs only …


Vector Beer in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Vector Beer

With typhoon #18 kicking in, and rain spreading across Tokyo, the sensible idea would be to go home and relax in front of Netflix and catch up on those TV shows from overseas. For some crazy reason though, I decided to trek up to Shinjuku to visit Vector Beer, and its sister bar Vector Beer Factory, in the search for some cheap …

Blue Room Craft Beer and Pizza in Kamakura

Komachi-dori in Kamakura may be the shoppers’ paradise at the weekend but early evening, bars open up and people stand outside trying to entice customers to rest those weary feet with some beer. Blue Room is on the same street as those bars and izakayas though it is hidden upstairs on the second floor of a nondescript building on Komachi-dori …


The Aldgate in Shibuya, Tokyo

Aldgate Inside

The Aldgate is a British themed pub, don’t groan at the back there!, located in Shibuya, about ten minutes from JR Shibuya station. You could probably get there quicker if the gaggles of snickering schoolgirls and the bustling throngs of fashionistas moved out of the way. Can’t they see I need a pint? The Aldgate is smack dab halfway up …