101 Tokyo in Ebisu, Tokyo

101 Tokyo The Bottom Line I really wanted to be able to recommend 101 Tokyo, but the prices for beers and the food push it into the realm of needing a second mortgage to be able to have more than four or five beers with some food. Moreover, the peculiar table charge system ticked me off as well – sit at a …


Sylvans Restaurant in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi

Sylvans Restaurant Front

Sylvans Restaurant The Bottom Line Let’s get the negative out of the way first – Sylvans Restaurant is a pain to get to. However, it’s worth the effort if you do make it out there. The beers are world class fresh, cheap, and the outside gardens make you want to stay for much longer. While we did go the anniversary on …


Fujiyama Beer in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi

Fujiyama Beer Front

Fujiyama Beer The Bottom Line I had been warned beforehand about this place, but I’m not surprised that Fujiyama Beer’s aren’t more readily available as the quality of the ones I had were sub-standard, considering the amount of time the brewery has been around for. While the bar / restaurant itself is a nice little place in the countryside, that is …


Craft Stand in Shimogyō-ku, Kyoto

Craft Stand Front

Craft Stand The Bottom Line In all of the bars I went to in Kyoto for the #BTinKyoto trip, none of them had as good as an atmosphere as Craft Stand did. It’s located in an unusual area of Kyoto that is neither in the tourist area or the main shopping area, but it is highly recommended. Serving only beers from …

iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki in Kawasaki, Kanagawa

iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki Front

iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki The Bottom Line iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki suffers from the same problems the branches in Shibuya and Futakotamagawa do – the beer menu is pretty run of the mill and can be had for cheaper in other places. If you’re in the area for some shopping then it isn’t a bad place to be, …


Zakkoku Micro Brewery in Ogawamachi, Saitama

Zakkoku Micro Brewery Front

Zakkoku Micro Brewery The Bottom Line Zakkoku Micro Brewery is a trek for anyone who doesn’t live in the area – heck, from Omiya itself it’s an hour train journey at best, so from Tokyo it’s about two hours. However, if you’re in the area, then there is no excuse not to go there. The whole bar is non-smoking and …

Minoh Beer Warehouse in Minoh, Osaka

Minoh Beer Warehouse Front

Minoh Beer Warehouse The Bottom Line When in Rome and all… If you’re in Osaka with a few hours to spare and looking for beer then you should make the effort to get to Minoh Beer Warehouse. It offers up cheap Minoh beer on tap, in a nice cost friendly neighbourhood atmosphere where you can sit and while the hours away. …

Pitman’s in Kiyosumi, Tokyo

Pitman's Front

Pitman’s The Bottom Line Pitman’s has the potential to do well – nice outside drinking area, non-smoking, plenty of decent food on the menu, and some good beers from August Beer Club, as well as in-house brewery too – but at the time of writing, it’s hard to recommend it due to the weird opening hours and not always having …


Craft Beer Tap x Tap in Kanda, Tokyo

Tap x Tap Front

Craft Beer Tap x Tap The Bottom Line Craft Beer Tap x Tap is good little find in the back streets of Kanda, though with the recent opening of Craft Beer Market Kanda encroaching in on its area, it’s going to be tough to see how it succeeds as it is no longer the cheapest craft beer bar in the …

Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Tokyo Station in Tokyo

Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Front

Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Tokyo Station The Bottom Line If you’re looking for a quick beer near Tokyo Station, or if you’re fan of Hitachino Nest, then there isn’t much better place to go than Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Tokyo Station. However, if you’re looking for variety, then you’ll need to carry on walking a bit. It isn’t the most exciting …