Baird Beer: Interviews with Bryan Baird and Chris Poel

Baird Beer Shuzneji

After the tour of the brand-spanking-new Shuzenji brewery, BeerTengoku headed back up to the taproom for a chinwag with Baird Beer’s head brewer, Chris Poel. We got ourselves a beer (took a while to decide – did you see all those taps!?), and sat in the outdoor deck area. The drizzle was unabating, but the view was impressive, surrounded by …


Baird Beer Brewery Tour in Shuzenji

Baird Beer Shuzneji

On Tuesday 12th August, BeerTengoku bravely faced the elements of a potential typhoon and thunderstorms to go down to the new brewery by Baird Beer in Shuzenji, Shizuoka. A mere three hour trip door to door, and a slight “diversion”, BeerTengoku finally made it after a gruelling 50 minute hike, getting lost thanks to the lack of updates to Google Maps. …

Baird Beer Brewery Information

Baird Beer logo

The founders, Bryan and Sayuri Baird, first learnt about brewing techniques in California in 1997 and opened up the Numazu Taproom in 2000. In 2001, Baird Beer opened up the smallest licensed brewery in 2001, with support from their families, quickly expanding in 2003 to a larger location. Baird Beer has seen rapid expansion since then, moving and opening two new …