Baeren Only First Wort Premium Pilsner by Baeren Beer

Baeren Only First Wort Premium Pilsner

Baeren Only First Wort Premium Pilsner is a 5% pilsner made by Baeren Beer. It’s a seasonal beer though when it is released is unknown as Baeren haven’t listed it on their website at all. For those that don’t homebrew or know much about the beer making process, is that it is made from the first pass off the water as …


Chateau Kamiya Pilsner by Ushiki Brewery

Chateau Kamiya Pilsner

Chateau Kamiya Pilsner is a German style pilsner from Ushiku Brewery. According to the Ushiki Brewery homepage, it’s an all-malt beer but also contains an abundance of German hops. Chateau Kamiya Pilsner has an abv of 5.5% and only has a shelf-life of about three months so it’s best drunk fresh either at the brewery or on the train home from …


Romantic Village Mugi Jiro by Romantic Village Beer

Romantic Village Mugi Jiro

Romantic Village Mugi Jiro is a 6% all-malt beer from Romantic Village Beer based in Utsunomiya. Some places have it labelled as a premium lager (urgh hate using that title) but it is in fact a German style pilsner. The yeast itself used for Romantic Village Mugi Jiro comes from the Jiro strain of barley from the local area. Romantic Village …


Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner by Tsukinoyo Craft Beer

Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner

Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner was a present from a friend during a recent visit he made to Gunma, a place that isn’t well-known for craft beer rather the “tourist” beers that plagued the Japanese craft beer industry towards the end of the nineties. It’s a Czech-style pilsner brewed using imported Czech malts and mountain fresh water. Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner Aroma and …

Aqula Kawabata Lager by Aqula

Aqula Kawabata Lager

Aqula Kawabata Lager is a 5.0% pilsner from Aqula based on the German styles of pilsners. It is an award-winning beer and won the gold medal at the 2007 Asian Japan Beer Cup. Aqula Kawabata Lager is also bottle conditioned as well. Aqula Kawabata Lager Aroma and Taste A new beer is always welcome at BeerTengoku towers and Aqula Kawabata Lager was …

Shiga Kogen Nigai Lager Pilsner by Tamamura Honten

Shiga Kogen Nigai Lager Pilsner

Shiga Kogen Nigai Lager Pilsner is a late review of a special beer from Tamamura Honten that was first released in June 2014. Why did it take me so long to review it? Well, I had other beers but this one is a 5% pilsner. Shiga Kogen Nigai Lager Pilsner is brewed using a cross between an American and Czech idea …


North Island Pilsner by North Island Beer

North Island Pilsner

North Island Pilsner is brewed up in the cold lands of Hokkaido by North Island Beer and is a 5% pilsner style beer. It is one of the first beers that North Island Beer made and North Island Pilsner is part of the regular range of their beers. I’ve seen it both on draft in various bars and also in bottled form. …

North Island M’s Lager Masaji the Great by North Island Beer

North Island M’s Lager Masaji the Great

North Island M’s Lager Masaji the Great is North Island Beer’s tribute to the late Masaji Oshita, the president of Minoh Beer. Who is Masaji you ask? That’s a story for another time, but he could be considered the godfather of Japanese craft beer. Bolder than most beers could ever dream to be. Anyway, North Island M’s Lager Masaji the …

Inawashiro Pilsner by Inawashiro Ji-Beer

Inawashiro Pilsner

Inawashiro Pilsner is one of those beers that has the appellation “ji-beer” tagged onto it. If you haven’t had the fortune to read Joe’s soapbox on that, go and read it now on his review of Abashiri Jaga Draft for a more informed discussion on it and its downfalls of being tagged onto a beer. Inawashiro Pilsner has been brewed since …

Full Moon Beer by Otaru Beer Brewery

Full Moon Beer

Full Moon Beer, from Otaru in Hokkaido, is pilsner style beer that comes in a variety of labels. Based on lunar cycles, somebody decided to brew the Full Moon Beer at the dawn of a full moon night and then slowly mature it for a whole lunar cycle, with special yeast added. Sound like pseudo-science babble to me. This 5% …