Kujukuri Ocean Beer Weizen by Kankiku Shuzo

Kujukuri Ocean Beer Weizen

Kujukuri Ocean Beer Weizen is a 5% hefeweizen from the Chiba Triangle, the Area X of Kanto, the only place I know with a number for a name, Kujukuri beach! Been there yet, guys? To the SARDINE MUSEUM?! (Only three reviews in and I’m seriously scraping the bottom of the mash tun to hit my word count on these beers …

Kujukuri Ocean Beer Stout by Kankiku Shuzo

Kujukuri Ocean Beer Stout

Kujukuri Ocean Beer Stout is a 7% unfiltered stout from Kankiku Shuzo. Kujukuri beers are curiously prevalent in my local area, I suppose because I live near the sea. I’m not sure how easy they are for Rob to pick up, but I have about four different places in my town where I can buy them. They’re not even that …


Kujukuri Ocean Beer Pale Ale by Kankiku Shuzo

Kujukuri Ocean Blue Beer Pale Ale

Apologies for the appalling photo today of Kujukuri Ocean Beer Pale Ale but it’s been sitting in my collection for ages and I forgot to take a “better” one. Kujukuri Ocean Beer Pale Ale is a 5% American pale ale brewed out on the East coast of Japan in Chiba just up from Kujukuri town. It can be found in most tourist …