Ginga Kogen Weizen by Ginga Kogen

Ginga Kogen Weizen

I came across Ginga Kogen Weizen when I was stumbling around Yokohama and came across an alcohol store in Sogo department store. Ginga Kogen Weizen is a 5% hefeweizen that is neither pasteurized nor sterilised during the manufacturing process. Besides that, there isn’t much information about this beer either on the Ginga Kogen website nor elsewhere. Ginga Kogen Weizen Aroma …

Iwate Kura Red Ale by Sekinoichi Shuzo

Iwate Kura Red Ale

Iwate Kura Red Ale is a 5% Irish red ale from Sekinoichi Shuzo, based in Iwate, Japan. Available in both cask and bottled form, it won a gold award at the 2007 International Beer Competition. Iwate Kura Red Ale Aroma & Taste Iwate Kura Red Ale pours out a deep amber-red colour with a slight head that lingers for longer than …


Ginga Kogen Pale Ale by Ginga Kogen Beer

Ginga Kogen Pale Ale 銀河高原ペールエール

Ginga Kogen Pale Ale is an English pale ale and advertised as a premium beer by Ginga Kogen. One of Ginga Kogen’s main beers, it is becoming increasingly common to see this in stores, and this was bought in my local regional supermarket for about ¥240. Ginga Kogen Pale Ale Aroma and Taste The first thing I noticed when Ginga …