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Ginga Kogen Pilsner by Ginga Kogen Beer

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Ginga Kogen Pilsner is supposedly produced by Ginga Kogen Beer; however, there is nothing on their website about it and not much out there. Perhaps it’s an end-of-line beer that they’re getting rid of but Ginga Kogen Pilsner is out there, if you can find it. It’s brewed using a Czech recipe.

Ginga Kogen Pilsner

Wait…This is a pilsner? Or did someone swap my drink over?

Ginga Kogen Pilsner Aroma and Taste

Ginga Kogen Pilsner is a strange one. As you can see, it says pilsner on the can but when I poured it out, it came out an incredibly hazy golden colour and smelt of a weizen. Strong notes of banana and pineapple came off of it. Surely they hadn’t put the wrong beer in this can? If I am to review this as a pilsner, then Ginga Kogen Pilsner is terrible. If you think of the well-known pilsners; Urquell, Stella, and Beck’s, then this is nothing like it. Of course, Beck’s is terrible, Stella is also known as a wife-beater, but to put this in the same category as Urquell is tantamount to treason.

Drinking Ginga Kogen Pilsner made me realise that they had put the wrong beer in this can as it’s a weizen! A-ha, that must have been their mistake. Big banana and malt notes flaired up with some cloves and wheat as well. Managing to fool my brain, not my taste buds, into thinking this is a weizen helped a lot with the review but by that time, it was too late. The shock of drinking this beer as a pilsner had taken its toll.

Ginga Kogen Pilsner One-line Review

If you have read this far, then you know that this is not a good pilsner. It’s not even average. It’s terrible. If you like weizens, then Ginga Kogen Pilsner is an average one at best.


Where to Buy Ginga Kogen Pilsner

BeerTengoku bought Ginga Kogen Pilsner in Sogo Yokohama, in the B1F at the back left; however, we’re yet to find this online besides Yamaya here.

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