Suwa Roman Rindou Alt by Reijin Shuzo

Suwa Roman Rindou

Suwa Roman Rindou Alt is a 4% altbier produced in the Nagano region of Japan. I have to admit never having heard of this beer before someone gave it to me as a souvenir, so I was very apprehensive about drinking it. I was worried that Suwa Roman would turn out to be a dud like so many local beers that produced in …


Sagami Beer Alt by Koganei Shuzo

Sagami Beer Alt

I was given this beer by a friend, Mr K, in exchange for a brew I had at home. Mr K is an outdoorsman, in tune with nature, but also able to fix any mechanical problem he might come across. It’s that diametric nature of his that makes receiving this beer from him especially appropriate. Sagami Beer Alt tastes earthy …

Kinshachi Red Label by Morita Kinshachi Beer

Kinshachi Red Label

This beer reviewing lark. I’ve been at it for over a month now, and already some beers have cropped up that taste almost identical to previous brews. Case in point: Kinshachi Red Label by Morita Kinshachi Beer seems to be riding on the coat tails of Hitachino Amber Ale, albeit as a pale imitation of Kiuchi’s brew. Kinshachi Red Label …