Hidatakayama Pilsner by Hida Takayama Beer

Hidatakayama Pilsner

Hidatakayama Pilsner is a 5% pilsner from Hida Takayama Beer, based in Gifu-ken. It’s brewed with 100% (thank goodness) and locally sourced water from the mountains. Besides that, there isn’t much information about this beer in English or in Japanese. It can be found in bottles, cans, and also on draft form as well. Hidatakayama Pilsner Aroma and Taste Hidatakayama …


Hidatakayama Karumina 飛騨高山カルミナ

飛騨高山カルミナは10%のベルギー・ストロング・エールです。飛騨高山麦酒のレギュラーラインアップを一部です。飛騨高山麦酒から「瓶の中で二度目の発酵をさせており、コクとさっぱりとした後味のビールです。カルミナとは、シンハラ語で、「黒い宝石」という意味です。」 飛騨高山カルミナの目鼻舌 目:ブラウンの赤です。タンの泡をある。瓶は酵母があるからちょっとグレーのことがある。 鼻:甘いトッフィー、ブラウンの砂糖、ドライフルーツを嗅ぐ。冷たいの時にアルコールの香りがありませんけど暖かくの時に良く嗅ぐ。クリスマスのプディングのアロマぽいです。 舌:冷たいの時にスパイス、甘さ、トッフィーを味する。暖かくの時にアルコールを絶対味するけど良いバランスする。 オンライン販売 飛騨高山麦酒オンラインショップ 地酒蔵 吉田ワイン


Hidatakayama Weizen by Hida Takayama Beer

Hidatakayama Weizen

Hidatakayama Weizen is a German hefeweizen that is a regular 5% beer from Hida Takayama Beer. It is available in both bottle and can form through their website site and also came highly recommended from Hiro, thanks YET again! Hida Takayama ramp up this beer by using 50% wheat in the mash along with regular pilsner malt to take the flavour over …

Hidatakayama Dark Ale by Hida Takayama Beer

Hida Takayama Dark Ale

Hida Takayama Dark Ale is a 5% English strong ale from Hidatakayama Beer and is part of their yearly range, unusual for an English strong ale that is considered to be a winter beer and is commonly known as a winter warmer. It’s available in bottles, cans, and occasionally on tap if you’re lucky. Hida Takayama Dark Ale is also brewed with …


Hidatakayama Stout 飛騨高山スタウト

飛騨高山スタウトは7%のインペリアル・スタウトです。飛騨高山麦酒のレギュラーラインアップを一部です。飛騨高山麦酒から「ローストしたモルトが醸し出す、ビターな味わいに深みがある、喉越しなめらかな黒色ビールです。」 飛騨高山スタウトの目鼻舌 目:真っ黒です。泡は少しタンの色です。 鼻:ローストモルトです。コーヒー、チョコレート、クリーミー、木、です。 舌:スモーキーキャラメル、チョコレート、コーヒーを味する。アルコールは7%ですけど味しません。 オンライン販売 飛騨高山麦酒のオンラインショップ

Hida Takayama Beer Information

Hida Takayama Beer Logo

Hida Takayama Beer is a multiple award-winning brewery based in Gifu prefecture, located north-west of Nagoya, east of Osaka, and west of Tokyo. It was founded in 1995 and is a group cooperative organisation. Hida Takayama uses water that is sourced from 180m underground which is said to hold special anti-aging properties. The yeast used in their beers is also …

Hidatakayama Pale Ale by Hida Takayama Beer

Hidatakayama Pale Ale

Hidatakayama Pale Ale is a 5% pale ale from Hida Takayama Beer, based in Takayama City, Gifu. We were eager to try it after having the Hidatakayama Karumina numerous times at one of our local bars, Thrash Zone in Yokohama. After spending a few hours tracking it down, we found Hidatakayama Pale Ale in both bottle and can form though we could not …

Hidatakayama Red Bock by Hida Takayama Beer

Sometimes a beer comes along once in a while and you know that you have to buy it. For me, Hidatakayama Red Bock is that beer. It came highly recommended at Thrash Zone after trying the Hidatakayama Karumina and falling in love with it. Hidatakayama Red Bock is part of Hida Takayama Brewing’s extra special beer range and is a 7% dunkler bock …