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Vertere Sanctum by Vertere

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Vertere Sanctum is an 8.5% Belgian Amber from Vertere, based in Oku-tama, in Tokyo, Japan. It’s available in both cans and on tap at the time of writing, though its year round availability is unknown. It is brewed using Moris Otter, Munich T1, Special X, and Caramunich T2 and uses imported Tettnanger hops, with an unknown strain of Belgian yeast.

Vertere Sanctum

Vertere Sanctum Aroma and Taste

Vertere Sanctum poured out a muddy dark brown colour, with a small amount of plump tan-like head on top that faded to a few sticky bubbles around the side of the glass, and a thin oily ring on top. The aroma was all about the yeast and malts – nothing from the hops was noted. The malts brought a rich caramel and nutty aroma to the beer, with some hints of phenols coming from the yeast. Vertere Sanctum had a plummy-like aroma to it that became slightly woody once it had been warmed up. The alcohol booziness also came through more after warming up though it wasn’t overpowering, it did cut through the stone fruit aromas going on.

The body to Vertere Sanctum was thick, rich, and boozy – pretty much what a Belgian tripel tastes like. The rich caramel and raisin flavours were well balanced with one another, and the woodiness from the body became more pronounced as Vertere Sanctum warmed up. As it warmed up, the booziness also came through more, making it a warming and tasty beer. It’s just a shame it comes in 500ml cans as they bold flavours were more suited for smaller sizes, or even sharing – outside of Covid-19 times I guess. The lingering phenols from the yeast were happily in the background but still noticeable. 


Vertere Sanctum The Bottom Line

Big, bold, and boozy – Vertere Sanctum is a sipping beer.

Where to Buy Vertere Sanctum

Vertere Sanctum can be bought online at the following places:

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