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Yorocco Yuzu Saison by Yorocco Beer

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Yorocco Yuzu Saison is a 6% saison / fruit beer from Yorocco Beer, based in Ofuna, in Kanagawa, Japan. It’s part of their seasonal lineup, though when it comes out varies from year-to-year, and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Yorocco Yuzu Saison is brewed using locally source yuzu, also known as Japanese citrons.

Yorocco Yuzu Saison・ヨロッコユズセゾン

Yorocco Yuzu Saison Aroma and Taste

Yorocco Yuzu Saison poured out a golden straw colour with a large fluffy white head that collapsed and clung to the side of the glass as I drank the beer. Before you say it, I know – I poured a saison into an IPA glass. I was tired and wasn’t really thinking too much about the correct glassware to use for this beer. Well I’m glad I did as it accentuated the yuzu flavours against the yeasty funk nicely – a good balance between the two where yuzu often dominates over the other aromas in a beer. There wasn’t any noticeable malt aroma coming off Yorocco Yuzu Saison though, and hop heads should give this a miss as there was nothing hop wise coming off the beer.

The crisp yuzu bite was evident from the start, and was thankfully not as astringent or chemically like other yuzu-flavoured beers I’ve had in the past. The dryness to Yorocco Yuzu Saison helped bring out both the lightness of the yuzu as well as some of the yeasty funk too. Once it had warmed up, the balance between the yuzu and funk was nice and thirst quenching with the crispness of the body making this a beer suited for a late spring / early summer day. Just a shame that it came out in winter.


Yorocco Yuzu Saison The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to try something with yuzu in, and are worried about it’s potency, Yorocco Yuzu Saison is a good beer to start with.

Where to Buy Yorocco Yuzu Saison

Yorocco Yuzu Saison can be bought online at the following places:

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