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Despite the peculiar name, Witch Craft Market does not pride itself in products of the occult or Wicca kind; however, it does partake in the selling of alcohol, with its focus being on craft beer. The selection of craft beer encompasses both domestic and imports, though there is a heavy leaning towards the former. Thankfully, Witch Craft Market uses the Stores.jp format – fast becoming a popular choice amongst online retailers which means no awkward navigation around Rakuten or Amazon to buy their goods.

Though they are based in Kumamoto in Kyushu, the range of domestic beers is also impressive, with some of the smaller craft breweries from across Japan being represented. On recent purchases, we’ve come across beers West Coast Brewing, 2nd Story Ale, DD4D Brewery, and Nomcraft, as well as some of the larger craft beer breweries in the form of Minoh Beer, Y Market Brewing, and Far Yeast Brewing Company. All of the beers are stored in refrigerated units.

Payment options include credit card, pay at convini, bank transfer, and the famed pay on delivery with all deliveries being sent chilled. Shipping anywhere on Kyushu costs ¥500 with further afield at the rate of ¥1400. If you happen to spend over ¥25,000, then shipping is free.


Witch Craft Market Details

Homepage (in Japanese): https://witchcraftmaket.shop/

Social Media: Facebook

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