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Craft Beer Nakanobu in Tokyo

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Another Tokyo Craft Beer festival this time in Nakanobu, Tokyo. The idea of Craft Beer Nakanobu is rather than drinking pints of the beer, you are given ten tickets where you can drink ten beers served in 150ml cups.

Craft Beer Nakanobu is held over two days on Saturday 18th October and Sunday 19th October from 12:30 until 19:00, a sheet of ten tickets costs ¥3,000 in advance or ¥3,500 on the day, and additional tickets cost ¥400 per ticket. Tickets can be bought in advance from the Nakanobu mail office if you’re in the area, or online here.

Breweries that are rumoured to be participating in the festival include

  • Coedo
  • Tazawako Lake
  • Outsider Brewing
  • Fujisakura Kogen
  • Konishi
  • Izekadoya
  • Baird Beer
  • Iwate Kura
  • Hitachino Nest
  • Yo Ho Brewing!
  • Shiga Kogen

And many more, but these are subject to change.


How to Get To Craft Beer Nakanobu

Craft Beer Nakanobu can be reached by two different train stations, either on the Tokyo Oimachi line or the Toei Asakusa line.

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