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Ise Kadoya Celebrate IPA by Ise Kadoya Brewery

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Ise Kadoya Celebrate IPA is a 6.5% IPA from Ise Kadoya Brewery. It was made to commemorate the opening of their new brewing premises in 2018.

Ise Kadoya Celebrate IPA

Ise Kadoya Celebrate IPA Aroma and Taste

Now, I’m not sure if it was my wet glass, but this beer poured out completely headless, with about a millimetre of foam that quickly receded. It looks like a pint of piss, and should therefore come as no surprise that Ise Kadoya are back on their bullshit again with their cat urine hop smell. For god’s sake. The last Ise Kadoya beer I reviewed was headless, and the one before that was pissy, so I’m ecstatic to see that they’ve finally made a beer that is both headless and pissy. Congratulations, you idiots!

So, forcing myself to weather the piss storm that this beer has served up my face holes, let’s give it a try. And hey, guess what, it doesn’t taste much better. There’s a weird, astringent, fishy, bitter taste to this. If you’ve ever tried an Islay scotch, remember your experience of trying it for the first time. If you haven’t tried an Islay scotch, well, I wouldn’t recommend it. Just imagine gargling with pureed anchovies, paint thinner and listerine.

The smell of this awful beer is really killing it for me. It’s pathetically carbonated, but I think that actually works in its favour this time as if it were any fizzier it would be unpalatable for me. As it is, it’s just offensive.


Ise Kadoya Celebrate IPA: The Bottom Line

Ise Kadoya Celebrate IPA is awful. Really, really bad. Ise Kadoya need to check that there isn’t a dead cat or something clogging up the pipes in their fermenter at their new brewery.

Where to buy Ise Kadoya Celebrate IPA

Fortunately, Ise Kadoya Celebrate IPA appears to be out of production.

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