Derailleur Fatboys Slim League by Derailleur Brew Works

Derailleur Fatboys Slim League ・ディレイラファットボーイズ スリムリーグ

Derailleur Fatboys Slim League is a 5% saison from Derailleur Brew Works, based in Osaka, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Derailleur Brew Works is brewed using an unusual adjunct in the form of soba, buckwheat, that has been imported from France. We’ve only had one bottled beer that uses soba, but considering it’s a popular food in Japan, it’s also a surprise we haven’t seen more of them on the site.

Derailleur Fatboys Slim League ・ディレイラファットボーイズ スリムリーグ

Derailleur Fatboys Slim League Aroma and Taste

Derailleur Fatboys Slim League poured out a hazy orange colour with a medium amount of white head on top that lingered throughout drinking. Which was perhaps the best thing about this beer. The aroma was a weird phenolic medicinal one with some weird funk sour notes coming off of it too. It had the sulphide aroma of some poorly made homebrew that didn’t really fit any kind of style – it’s got some malt sweetness but there was no hop or yeast character to Derailleur Fatboys Slim League.

The aroma should have put me off drinking but for the readers, I soldiered on. I wish I hadn’t. The body was a complete mess. It didn’t have any typical dry saison character, nor was there a crisp bite. Instead, I was left with some phenolic sulphide flavours.Derailleur Fatboys Slim League’s sticky, abrasive flavours meant that the unlikeable flavours just stuck around for longer than I wanted to. Everything I expected from a saison was not to be found in Derailleur Fatboys Slim League.

Derailleur Fatboys Slim League The Bottom Line

Derailleur Fatboys Slim League is neither a good beer nor a good saison. Give it a miss.

Where to Buy Derailleur Fatboys Slim League

Derailleur Fatboys Slim League can be bought online at the following places:

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  1. I had a couple of beers from this brewery at Craft Beer Live last year. They’ve clearly got some work to do.

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