BeerTengoku S2E6: Behind the Beer – Yeast

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In the latest edition of the hit series “Behind The Beer”, we’ve got Molly Browning from Lallemand, a privately owned Canadian company that researches, develops, produces and markets yeasts.

Lallemand Inc can be found at:

  1. http://brewing.lallemand.com/

The intro music is provided by The Worst Case Scenario with “The Beer Song”. Find them at:

  1. Soundcloud
  2. Facebook
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Been drinking beer since longer than I can remember. You can find me in a bar, on the slopes, or doing DIY. I enjoy porters, imperial porters, golden ales, and amber / viennas.

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  1. Sure sounds like ‘my’ Molly Browning… or should i say ‘our’ Molly Browning.
    Big hugs from Chuwy!

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