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Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon by Sekinoichi Shuzo

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Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon is a 6% IPA from Sekinoichi Shuzo, based in Iwate, Japan. It’s part of their spring seasonal lineup and was first released in March 2018. The strange thing about the name is that in Japanese it’s called 桜風, which translates to “wind of cherry blossom” or “cherry blossom wind”. Unsurprisingly, Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon is brewed using dried cherry blossoms from the Iwate region.

Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon いわて蔵桜風

Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon Aroma and Taste

Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon poured out a deep copper brown colour with a medium amount of fluffy white head on top, which faded fast. The aroma coming off of Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon smelt like a cinnamon doused mochi cake. Really, really, REALLY sweet. If there were some hops in here then they had been beaten into submission by the delicate cherry blossoms.

The body – crikey – is akin to sucking down on that same aforementioned cinnamon sakura mochi. With just a hint of bitterness as you realise you’ve bought a pudding beer and not something that is going to be bitter and citrusy. So much sweetness going on in Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon meant that it took ages to drink as I was chugging back water to mellow the taste out.


Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon The Bottom Line

If you like pink sakura mochi, then you’ll like Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon. Else, give it a miss.

Where to Buy Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon

Iwate Kura Pink Typhoon can be bought online at

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