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TDM1874 Pale Ale by TDM1874 Brewery 

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TDM1874 Pale Ale is a 5% American pale ale from TDM1874 Brewery, based in Yokohama, Japan. It can be found on tap and also in bottles, though the former is more common.  Two of the hops used in TDM1874 Pale Ale are Columbus, with this probably being the bittering hop, and Simcoe as one of the aroma hops.

TDM1874 Pale Ale TDM1874 ペールエール

TDM1874 Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

TDM1874 Pale Ale poured out a hazy golden copper colour with a slightly plump white head on tap, that faded to a thin ring of bubbles around the outside of the glass. It had a distinct citrus-like aroma, with grapefruit, orange, and lemon coming through, and a faint hint of biscuity caramel as well.

It wasn’t bitter compared to an IPA, but there was a distinct level of bitterness to it that made my taste buds stand up. The citrus flavours were similar to the nose, with grapefruit, lemon, and orange coming through, and the malts being present in the background with a slight malty sweetness to it. It finished off with a citrus flourish and a residual bitterness that faded fast.


TDM1874 Pale Ale The Bottom Line

TDM1874 Pale Ale is a solid pale ale and worth trying.

Where to Buy TDM1874 Pale Ale

TDM1874 Pale Ale can be bought online at the following places

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