Naruko no Kaze Brewery Information

Naruko no Kaze Brewery

Naruko no Kaze Brewery is a Japanese microbrewery located in Miyagi, Japan. The brewery started out in 1999, with the hope of invigorating the local area with the aim of attracting more tourists. They are associated with the Onikoube ski slope, which offers up skiing in the winter and hiking in the warmer months. The brewery uses locally sourced mountain …


Naruko no Kaze Kougen Lager by Naruko no Kaze

Naruko no Kaze Lager

Naruko no Kaze Kougen Lager is a 5% pale lager from Naruko no Kaze, based in Miyagi, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range and while it can be found in bottles and also on tap across Japan though the latter may be harder than the former. Even though it’s brewed with malt, Naruko no Kaze Kougen Lager is listed as …

Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi by Naruko no Kaze Beer

Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi

Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi is a 5% rice lager from Naruko no Kaze Beer, based in Miyagi, Japan. It’s part of their all year round range of beers and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi is brewed using locally sourced rice from the Miyagi area and also filtered water that is obtained from …