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Ji-Beer Fest Kofu 2018 in Kofu, Yamanashi

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Craft beer, or ji-beer, which best translates to local beer, is celebrated at Ji-Beer Fest Kofu 2018. It’s a week-long festival located at Kofu in Yamanashi, which is home to Outsider Brewing. The previous events have been a big success and aims to increase the awareness and knowledge of beer styles and tastes to the public.

Ji-Beer Fest Kofu 2018 starts on Friday 27th July and runs until Sunday 5th August so you have plenty of time to try lots of local beers. The opening times for the event are weekdays from 4:30pm to 9:00pm and weekends from 11:30am to 9:00pm with last orders at 8:45pm.

Breweries Attending Ji-Beer Fest Kofu 2018

  • Fujizakura Heights Beer
  • Kai Draft Beer
  • Yatsugatake Touchdown Beer
  • Minoh Beer
  • Tokorozawa Beer
  • Outsider Brewing
  • Far Yeast Brewing

Ji-Beer Fest Kofu 2018 Details:

SNS: Facebook

Homepage: http://www.sannichiybs.info/beer/


How to Get Tickets For Ji-Beer Fest Kofu 2018

The event uses tickets for drinks system though it is possible to buy tickets on the day. You can buy an advance book of five tickets and original glass (70ml) for ¥1,500 from the 5th June at the following places until Ju:

  • Lawson’s using the L-Code 34505
  • Seven Eleven using the code 063-591
  • Yamahi YBS Main shop

The same package on the day will cost ¥1,700 yen, while a book of five tickets for drinks will cost ¥1,000 and if you want just the original glass then it will set you back ¥700. Moreover, there are also some strange deals going on – people wearing a yukata or kimono also get ¥200 off a book of five tickets on any day, and students with valid ID also get ¥100 off a book of five tickets on any day. There isn’t any information if these deals stack up though so don’t blame us if you try and nothing happens.

How to Get to Ji-Beer Fest Kofu 2018

Ji-Beer Fest Kofu 2018 is held right outside of the north exit of JR Kofu station at the Yocchabare Square.

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