Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale by Hi No Tani Kogen Beer

Hi no Tani Irish Red 火の谷アイリッシュレッド

Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale is a 5% Irish ale from Hi No Tani Kogen Beer, based in Mie prefecture. It is part of their all-year round range and it is brewed using Maris Otter malt and only uses Amarillo hops for both bittering, flavouring, and aroma though it only has an IBU of 16 units. It can be found in both bottles and on tap at the time of writing.

Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale

It’s reddish I guess.

Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale Aroma and Taste

Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale was part of a six-pack selection of beers from Hi No Tani Kogen Beer and I was looking forward to this a lot. Irish ales aren’t that common in Japan and I really like trying new styles. However, Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale didn’t look anything like the image on the Hi No Tani Kogen Beer homepage as it poured out a brownish red colour, rather than a light red colour. It had a funky aroma going on with malts though a peculiar sourness and crept in. The bottle was well in-date as it was drunk within one month of bottling. There was no aroma of orange though coming off like the website stated would happen.

The body to Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale though was a mess – there was a distinct malt flavour of caramel but it was overpowered by a sourness that made it hard to drink, let alone finish. The Amarillo hop flavour was missing or dwarfed out by the unpleasant sourness that left my face screwed up. I had to scramble out Google and do a search for “Irish Ale taste” to make sure that this is a deliberate flavour but it turned out that the flavour profile is completely different. I don’t often pour a bottle away but Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale had to go – neither my wife nor myself wanted to drink it.

Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale One Line Review

If this bottle of Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale is infected then I’m unlucky, but if you see Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale in bottles, avoid it.

Where to Buy Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale

Hi No Tani Irish Red Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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