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Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale by Michinoku Fukushima Brewery

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Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale is a 5% amber ale from Michinoku Fukushima Brewery, based in Fukushima if that wasn’t clear. It has also won a few awards in the past in the Japan Beer Cup and also the World Beer Cup back in 1998 though, thankfully the twins at Michinoku Fukushima Brewery don’t push that on their bottles. Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale can be found in both bottles and on draft across Japan.

Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale

A deep red colour – always a good sign with an amber.

Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale Aroma and Taste

After a short drinking session at Beer Animal, I found out that they were going to tap Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale on draft that evening, but alas, with writing and translation to do, I couldn’t just hang around in Kanda for a couple of hours in the hope of getting some of this beer. John, one of the main guys behind Beer Animal, told me about how Jeremy, the other main guy behind Beer Animal, loved Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale and really recommended it. I have tried some of Michinoku Fukushima Brewery’s beer at various craft beer events across Japan but most of those were from their fruit beer range – something I’m not fond of. At all.

Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale poured out a deep red colour and a frothy whitish head with a slight chill haze going on. I say whitish as I could have sworn there was a red tinge to it but then that could have been my imagination. It had a strong caramel, malt aroma along with some hints of raisin. The only reason I can say that is that I had cooked with raisins earlier in the day.

Amber ales are a particular favourite style of mine, something perhaps to do with the sweetness imparted with a faint aroma of hops does something to me. Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale tries and succeeds – though barely. The malts were strong with this one with caramel being the dominating flavour but the hops did make an appearance. Just. There was slight bitterness to it that was a welcome distraction from the sweetness and that same bitterness carried on through to the aftertaste.


Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale One Line Review

Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale is a decent amber beer worth finding but may be cloying after too many of them.

Where to Buy Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale

Fukushima Michinoku Red Ale can be bought from the following places online:

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