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Baeren Ursus by Baeren

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Too many vowels in this one but it’s a weizenbock beer made by Baeren. Weizenbocks, as I have come to discover, are a style of beer that are designed to warm you up in the winter months by getting you very drunk, very quickly so you forget about the cold. Baeren Ursus has an abv of 7% and has been seen both in draft form and also in bottled form.

Baeren Ursus

Weizen bocks are just beers to get you drunk. That’s it.

Baeren Ursus Aroma and Taste

If weizens are to be judged on their banana and clove quality, and bocks are to be judged on their malt levels, then Baeren Ursus is going to be judged on both of those as it would only seem fair. Baeren Ursus knew what it was up against, a well-trained nose and palate, and just threw caution to the wind. It poured out a deep brown colour with a fair amount of head though the aroma knocked both those away with a banana malt like aroma that reminded me of a milkshake I used to get at Ed’s Diner in the UK. The malt aroma though is the most dominant and didn’t hold up once.

Weizenbocks, as I have come to discover, are dangerous beers as their sweetness tends to hide a high abv of 7% and upwards with Baeren Ursus being no exception. The heavy flavour in the body of the malt did mean that it was sipper of a beer more than gulper but even then, it was still tough going in a nice way. The banana and cloves had pretty much gone by this point though there was some semblance in the aftertaste.  Not much mind, but enough to let you know there were some weizen qualities to this beer.

Baeren Ursus One Line Review

If you haven’t had a weizenbock before, Baeren Ursus is highly recommended and worth trying.


Where to Buy Baeren Ursus

Baeren Ursus can be bought from the Baeren online store here. I got my bottle from GoodBeer.jp here.

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1 comment

Oliver December 15, 2015 - 9:25 pm

I agree. A great beer, with a great aroma and aftertaste. Something that could certainly be described as full-bodied. A strong beer, just like an ursus (bear in Latin, it says on the bottle).


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