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Rokko Porter by Rokko Craft Brewery

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Rokko Porter is a 5% porter beer from Rokko Craft Brewery that is based on the traditional London style porters found from the 18th and 19th century. It is an award-winning beer having won gold at the 2012 Japan Asia Beer Cup. Rokko Porter can be found in both bottled form and on tap at the Rokko Craft Brewery restaurants in the Kobe area and in some bars across Japan. It’s not an easy beer to find in bottles even though it’s part of the all-year round range of beers from Rokko Craft Brewery.

Rokko Porter

Kobe’s own brewery, Rokko Craft Brewery, makes an appearance on BeerTengoku.

Rokko Porter Aroma and Taste

Rokko Porter poured out a deep brown colour, that verged on black in the “right” light. There was barely any head on it, with the bubbles that you see above all that I managed to capture in a fleeting moment before they dissipated away. Rokko Porter had a nice smoky aroma for a porter that developed a roasted chocolate aroma too. Nothing offensive nor overpowering in any way.

I’ve been fortunate to have Rokko Porter on nitrogen, which gives it a flatter, creamy taste than the bottled version, perhaps spoiling my tasting of it. Both versions though had a strong chocolate taste with a nutty texture to it but it lacks in the body. It lacked a fullness to it that porters should have, in my opinion, and ended being a tad thin for my liking. Rokko Porter finished off slightly bitter in the aftertaste but with an IBU of 60, it was to be expected.

Rokko Porter One Line Review

Rokko Porter is a porter done by numbers – it won’t surprise nor excite you but neither will it disappoint you.


Where to Buy Rokko Porter

Rokko Porter can be bought at the following places online:

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