Chateau Kamiya Weizen by Ushiku Brewery

Chateau Kamiya Weizen

Hefeweizens are fast catching up with pilsners as the style of beer in Japan and Chateau Kamiya Weizen is doing its best to ensure that the pilsners get no rest. It’s a 5% spring seasonal from Ushiku Brewery…wait…a seasonal hefeweizen, a turn up for the books. Let’s start again. It’s a 5% spring seasonal from Ushiku Brewery that is on sale from mid …


Chateau Kamiya Helles by Ushiku Brewery

Chateau Kamiya Helles

Chateau Kamiya Helles is a dortmunder helles style beer from Ushiku Brewery that is available all year round. With an abv of 5%, Chateau Kamiya Helles is also an all-malt beer that can be found in both bottled form and on draught at the on-site restaurants. Chateau Kamiya Helles Aroma and Taste Mere weeks ago, I wrote how hefeweizens are catching …


Chateau Kamiya Pilsner by Ushiki Brewery

Chateau Kamiya Pilsner

Chateau Kamiya Pilsner is a German style pilsner from Ushiku Brewery. According to the Ushiki Brewery homepage, it’s an all-malt beer but also contains an abundance of German hops. Chateau Kamiya Pilsner has an abv of 5.5% and only has a shelf-life of about three months so it’s best drunk fresh either at the brewery or on the train home from …

Chateau Kamiya Dunkel by Ushiku Brewery

Chateau Kamiya Dunkel

Chateau Kamiya Dunkel is a 5.5% dunkel style beer from Ushiku Brewery that is part of their all year round range of beers. It’s brewed using malts only and can be found in bottles in the Chateau Kamiya shop or in the plethora of restaurants dotted across the vineyards. Chateau Kamiya Dunkel has also won two gold awards for best dunkel in …

A Tour around Ushiku Beer at Chateau Kamiya

Chateau Kamiya Mash and Lauter Tuns

It seems easier to get a Japanese permanent residence visa than to get a tour around the Chateau Kamiya brewery. You can easily see it from outside, but the frosted up windows from the permanently running aircon means it’s tough to what is happening inside. Moreover, with eleven fermentation tanks taking up most of the storage room, you can’t see …

Ushiku Brewery Information

Ushiku Brewery Logo

Ushiku Brewery, located inside the premises of Chateau Kamiya, is a brewery situated in Ushiku, Ibaraki prefecture. To make things even more complicated, it’s a subdivision of alcohol producer Gôdô Shusei, which is also a part of the company of Oenon Holdings, Inc. The best analogy I can think of is the Russian dolls and how they fit inside of each …


Interview with Kakui-san from Chateau Kamiya

Chateau Kamiya

Chateau Kamiya, located in Ushiku, Ibaraki is a brewery so steeped in the history of western alcohol in Japan, that it’s hard to understand why it isn’t bigger than it is. They’ve been making wine here since the Meiji era and were, along with the original Spring Valley Brewery in Yokohama, one of the first to be making beers brewed …

Chateau Kamiya IPA by Ushiku Brewery

Chateau Kamiya IPA

Ushiku Brewery are catching up with other breweries in Japan that once focussed on traditional German styles and have produced their version of an IPA: Chateau Kamiya IPA. Unlike other breweries though, Chateau Kamiya IPA is a summer seasonal only with no plans to extend it’s life to throughout the year. It is a 7% American IPA style beer that won Asia’s Beer …

Chateau Kamiya IPL by Ushiku Brewery

Chateau Kamiya IPL

Chateau Kamiya IPL is a spring seasonal India pale lager from Ushiku Brewery that is on sale from mid-April onwards. Fermented like a lager, but hopped like an ale, India pale lagers are slowly becoming the new bastard offspring of beer. Chateau Kamiya IPL has an abv of 7% and can be found at the Chateau Kamiya grounds for a limited …