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Harvestmoon Black Barleywine by Harvestmoon Brewery

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Harvestmoon Black Barleywine is an 8% barley wine from Harvestmoon that is part of their autumn line up. Harvestmoon already makes a barley wine with their Harvestmoon Barleywine but this is black so there is something different, although I doubt it warrants a new style of beer really. It is brewed with the idea of it being stored for aging purposes, though at 8%, it’s highly unlikely that it will develop much as that ABV puts it at the lower end of the scale for barley wines.

Harvestmoon Black Barleywine

Take one Harvestmoon Barleywine and make it black.

Harvestmoon Black Barleywine Aroma and Taste

I was having a discussion with someone earlier this year about styles that could be experimented with and funnily enough, the idea of a black barleywine came up. In the past, we’ve seen black IPAs, hoppy porters, and algae-infused beers too. With Harvestmoon Black Barleywine, they must have been listening in on our conversation.

Harvestmoon Black Barleywine didn’t really provide much of a surprise when it was poured out of the bottle – a pitch black body with a minimal amount of bubbles on top that I guess could have passed for head really. The sticky toffee pudding like aroma was pleasant though the booziness came through after warming up for a bit too. There was also a little nuttiness to it, I guess from the usage of black malts in the mix, but there was nothing else substantial to note from the dark malts used.

I don’t know how much of a different to the Harvestmoon Barleywine to expect but in reality, there was very little that disseminated Harvestmoon Black Barleywine from it. The flavours were nigh on similar, besides this one having a slight roasted aftertaste to it that only came through once it had warmed up.


Harvestmoon Black Barleywine One Line Review

Harvestmoon could have done something special with Harvestmoon Black Barleywine but in the end, it comes out as nothing special.

Where to Buy Harvestmoon Black Barleywine

Harvestmoon Black Barleywine can be bought online at the following places:

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