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Kobushi Hana Belgium White by Hanyu Brewery

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Kobushi Hana Belgium White, by Hanyu Brewery (not Hangover Brewery, as my spell-checker is determined to keep correcting it to) is a 5% witbier that is sometimes also sold under the name of Kobushi Hana White Ale. It’s a top fermented style beer with an IBU of 18. To circumvent the Beer license law in Japan, Hanyu Brewery use orange and coriander in the mix of 100% malt. Kobushi Hana Belgium White also won Best Belgian White in two international beer competitions back in 2008 and 2009.

Kobushi Hana Belgium White

Not much to like in this one at all.

Kobushi Hana Belgium White Aroma and Taste

Do not adjust your mobile phones or computer screens. You are looking at the correct picture of Kobushi Hana Belgium White immediately after it was poured out. Zero head developed and that miniscule white ring around the outside of the glass was probably caused after I took a sip to try some thus causing some bubbling. A really disappointment as I expected some life and big things from this one. It’s seldom a good sign when you’re disappointed as much as this.

Kobushi Hana Belgium White did have a nice aroma though of oranges and coriander along with a wheaty aroma too as well. A much better introduction that the insipid pour from the bottle. It was an inoffensive aroma but somehow it managed to lodge itself in my nose and I couldn’t get rid of it. The body was a hazy golden colour due to the yeast in the production still being present in the bottle. Perhaps the yeast had gone off and killed the life of the beer?

I guess the yeast having gone off would go someway into explaining the taste of the beer as it was a funky butteriness that was not nice at all. The bottle was well in date though, by about two months, and had been stored in a cool, dark place. The characteristics I expect from a Belgian witbier were not as prominent as I expected – the wheat and coriander had been pushed aside for some creamy sourness instead.


Kobushi Hana Belgium White One Line Review

Perhaps this was a dodgy bottle, but I really couldn’t recommend Kobushi Hana Belgium White at all.

Where to Buy Kobushi Hana Belgium White

Kobushi Hana Belgium White can be bought online from the following places:

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