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Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen by Izu no Kuni Beer

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Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen, urgh another buzzword present, is a German hefeweizen based on a South German recipe from Izu no Kuni Beer. With an abv of 5%, it is one of the few beers with the word premium in its name that doesn’t break the magic 6% barrier of beers.

Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen

Premium beer but not premium alcohol level.

Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen Aroma and Taste

After reading Joe’s article about buzzwords and usage, the word “premium” neither attracted me nor encouraged me to buy this beer as it was too small to see on the shelf. Admittedly, that could have been the effects of the numerous beers consumed at the Keyaki Spring Beer Festival or the frosted glass on the fridge door. Heck, I didn’t even know what kind of beer it was before carefully reading the label the next day as it went into storage. Perhaps some better label design would help in the future.

Discovering it was a weizen didn’t excite me, nor did it disappoint me, though with so many weizens out in Japan, they do have to be special to get me excited. Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen poured out a hazy golden colour with a large amount of frothy head. So far, it checked all the boxed for a weizen. The fine, as in small amount not as in good, aroma of citrus and banana was duly noted though the lack of any spicey clove pungency was also noted and felt disappointing.

I couldn’t help but feel that the brewers behind Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen knew what a weizen was but had either not understood it or had tried this enough as the body felt thin and weak. The expected wheat and banana taste had been strongly dulled down for what appeared to be a citrus flavour. I know the company behind Izu no Kuni is Hawaiian but still, to muck around with a tried and tested style of beer took serious courage or is a mistake.


Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen One Line Review

Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen is not a bad beer but neither is it a recommend beer. A distinctly average weizen at best.

Where to Buy Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen

Izu no Kuni Premium Weizen can be bought at:

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