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Shimizu Saketen in Hanacho, Niigata

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Shimizu Saketen is a sake and craft beer shops located in the Hanacho district of Niigata city, just around the corner from Bandaibashi, one of the landmarks in the city. It seems to be the only store in the company name. Moreover, they no longer have an online store due to a lack of sales – a shame as their range of beers had some pretty rare domestic and imported craft beers on the day we visited.

Shimizu Saketen 1
Slightly blurry but tough to take a picture in a tiny shop.
Shimizu Saketen 2
I couldn't even put my arm straight.
Shimizu Saketen 3
Heavily condensated but only because I opened to get a beer out.
Shimizu Saketen 4
Do you know how hard it was to find these two beers? Only to find the fridge locked...

While the shop is smaller than Ponshukan, they had beers from Shiga Kogen, Sankt Gallen, Baird Beer, Hitachino Nest, Oh! La! Ho, Baeren, Coedo, Iwate Kura, Daisen G Beer and also some local Swan LakeNiigata Beer with Echigo Beer too. Prices were very reasonable – I wanted to buy four bottles of the Takashi Ichiro and Takashi Ichiro Pete?! as they were the same price direct from Tamamura Honten. The couple that run the shop were surprised when I didn’t believe them, and they asked if they were too expensive? Laughs were had but then tears began to flow when they said they couldn’t open the fridge as their son had gone off with the key.

There is also an extensive range of sake from the Niigata area as well as some imported American craft beer too. The only warning about the shop would be to make sure that they have the key to the fridges and don’t take any bags inside. It’s a very narrow shop, heck, I could barely turn around inbetween the fridge and sake, and I’m 6ft / 1m83cm.

Shimizu Saketen Details

Open: Monday to Saturday 8:00~15:30 and 17:30〜19:00


Close: Sunday

Phone: o9o-7176-2316

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Shimizu Saketen

The best way to get to Shimizu is either take the bus or walk from the Bandai exit of Niigata station on the Hakushin Line, Echigo Line, and Shinetsu Main Line. If you take the bus, then take C20 and get off at Nocho. If you walk, follow the road to Bandaibashi and turn right at Nocho (礎町) traffic lights.

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