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Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer by Ginga Kogen Beer

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Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer, or Ginga Kogen Precious White Beer, is the lesser-spotted sibling in Ginga Kogen Beer’s range . It’s so hard to find that I’ve only ever seen it once in a store about three or four years ago. What it is though is a 4.5% seasonal Belgian witbier that comes out annually around the beginning of spring, usually around the 10th March or thereabouts. Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer is available in can form and we’re yet to see it on tap anywhere.

Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer

Seasonal special from Ginga Kogen Beer.

Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer Aroma and Taste

It seems that witbiers are making a big attempt to grasp the title of most number of products in the Japanese craft beer market and with such a wide number on sale now, Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer has a lot to catch up on.

It poured out a dull golden colour with a large frothy head to boot. It also appeared to have a lot of carbonation in the body as some of the bubble shot up my nose when I tried to smell it. Not the best introduction to a new beer though the light banana smell paired with wheat did make up for the rude intro.

Once the carbonation had calmed down a bit, Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer was smooth and light; however that carbonation just didn’t suit it. There was a hint of spice, with some coriander freshness yet there is nothing on the ingredients that state any was added. Strange.


Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer One Line Review

Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer is a drinkable witbier that is not the best in its field due to the heavy carbonation.

Where to Buy Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer

Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer can be bought from the Ginga Kogen Beer online store here from the 10th March, though as part of a 24 pack. I got my can from Le Collier in Tokyo Station though we have also seen it in Seibu Malls across Kanto.

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