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Konishi Chocola Premium by Konishi Brewing

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Chocolate. Beer. Let that sink in for a minute. Your usual chocolate beer is brewed with chocolate malts though Konishi Chocola Premium is brewed with pure Belgian chocolate and cocoa. Now, let that sink in. Someone is dumping Belgian chocolate in this beer along with cocoa powder. So technically, this is a full on happo-shu, even the label on the side states that it is brewed as a happo-shu as it contains over 67% malt.

Konishi Chocola Premium

Calling all chocolate fans. Get this inside of you.

Konishi Chocola Premium Aroma and Taste

Konishi Chocola Premium reeks of chocolate. There is no other way to describe it besides that. Beautiful rich chocolate. With some vanilla and toffee thrown in the mix a well. I could spend hours sitting and writing this review but it would just contain the word “chocolate” every so often. Maybe with a few “vanilla” thrown in as well to balance it out. It poured out a dark chocolate, damn, brown colour with an off-white milk chocolate, damn again, head which dissipated quickly into the beer.

Taste wise. Chocolate and vanilla. There are very few other words to describe Konishi Chocola Premium but there is also a wee smidgen of malt hiding in there too. But it’s hard to drink this beer at any pace as it’s so thick you might as well get a spoon and eat it straight from the glass. On a serious note, one bottle is more than enough. Make it stop.

Konishi Chocola Premium One Line Review

Konishi Chocola Premium is a delicious dessert beer that would go done well if shared with someone you love. But by yourself? Half a glass is more than enough.


Where to Buy Konishi Chocola Premium

We picked up our bottle of Konishi Chocola Premium from Queen’s Isetan but we saw it on World Beer Market too at the time of writing.


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