Gassan Munchener by Gassan Beer

Gassan Munchner

Gassan Munchener is a 5% dunkel beer from Gassan Beer, based in Yamagata, Japan. It’s part of their spring seasonal line up and is sold under their Gassan Special range of beers, that seem to have the same coloured special label, and no other way to tell the difference unless you look on their website. It’s brewed using roast malt and that’s about all it seems according to their website.

Gassan Munchner

Dark dark red colour.

Gassan Munchener Aroma and Taste

Gassan Munchener poured out a deep reddish brown colour with a large, slightly off-white head on top that collapsed fast in on itself, before leaving less than a finger’s worth of head on top. It had a strong malty aroma of caramel and some raisin-like smell to it as well. Quite straight-forward but thankfully there were no off smells or aromas to it.

The body was more of the same – not bland but not outstanding – with the caramel flavour coming forward fast along with some other sweetness that reminded me of some slightly burnt toffee. Gassan Munchener had a slight bitter edge to it as well, though I’m unsure whether it was from the hops used, which are unknown, or from the bottle being past its drink by date (which it wasn’t). The main downpoint to Gassan Munchener was that the body was quite watery and lacked staying power or oomph.

Gassan Munchener The Bottom Line

Gassan Munchener is a drinkable but nothing outstanding nor worthy of finding.

Where to Buy Gassan Munchener

Gassan Munchener can be bought online at the following places:

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