Cafe Bankan in Koenji, Tokyo

Cafe Bankan Outside

Cafe Bankan One Paragraph Review Cafe Bankan is a tad on the pricey side for beers but go for the tasting set and you’ll leave happy (inebriated). Cafe Bankan had free wi-fi (just ask them behind the bar for the password), and no table charge was included. The bad news is that it allows smoking both inside and outside. I didn’t …


Devilcraft Kanda in Kanda, Tokyo

DevilCraft Kanda Logo

This review of Devilcraft Kanda has been a long time coming – not because I’m lazy or anything like that but that’s it always booked out whenever I want to go. I guess if I went by myself, then I could get a seat at the counter on the first floor, but Devilcraft Kanda feels like it should be a group experience. …

Yona Yona Beer Kitchen in Akasaka-Mitsuke, Tokyo

Yona Yona Beer Kitchen Front

Akasaka-Mitsuke is not known for being a drinking area besides some izakayas, it’s a mostly business district with a few hotels in the area and of course, Hooters. Yona Yona Beer Kitchen is around the corner from Hooters and is probably a better choice for food, drink, chilled out atmosphere, well everything in fact besides Hooters girls, but if you’re going …

Hatos Bar in Nakameguro, Tokyo

If you’re in Tokyo and looking for a place to eat, then there is plenty of choice in and around the city. Trying to get decent BBQ food though is still difficult as it was when I first came to Japan in 2004. There are hamburger places galore, with new ones popping up every week yet tasty, finger-licking BBQ food …


Hachi no Su in Kita-Senju, Tokyo

Hachi no Su Front

Kita-Senju is not well-known for being a craft beer drinking town though with a university just across from the station and it being a main hub in the north-east area of Tokyo, there are lots of izakayas and smaller shops. On top of this, Kita-Senju does have one of the best craft beer bottle shops in the form of World …

Cafe & Craft Beer Dining SOUL BIRD in Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Cafe & Craft Beer Dining SOUL BIRD Front

Cafe & Craft Beer Dining SOUL BIRD, located near Daimon / Hamamatsucho station, opened up in March 2015 and I’ve been eager to get there since but time has not been on our side. The bar is located in the central business district of the area and the previous time I went, I got coerced into going into DevilCraft Hamamatsucho, …


iBeer LE SUN PALM in Shibuya, Tokyo


It’s not often we’re on the “wrong” side of Shibuya station, what with The Aldgate, Good Beer Faucets, and a plethora of other craft beer bars to go to but a friend told us of iBeer LE SUN PALM whilst visiting Hikarie with his family and said it was “easy to get to”. Make sure though you know where you are going …

House of Beer in Ebisu, Tokyo

house of beer front

House of Beer One Line Review Yes. Usually it’s a paragraph but we don’t need that much to review this place. Avoid. Avoid like the plague. Don’t even suggest it to your friend. Your enemies though would love this place. With the bar being fully smoking, and high prices that get even higher after 7pm due to a ¥500 table charge, …


Swan Lake Pub Edo in Kyobashi, Tokyo

Swan Lake Pub Edo Front

Nested amongst the high righ buildings that surround the Yaesu exit of Tokyo station is Swan Lake Pub Edo, Swan Lake Beer’s own taproom, supplying the business workers with decent beer that perhaps don’t know the difference between a Asahi and a Kirin. Opened in 2012, Swan Lake Pub Edo was opened to celebrate Swan Lake Beer’s 15th anniversary and has proven to be …


Hitachino Brewing Lab in Akihabara, Tokyo

Hitachino Brewing Lab Outside

Way back in August 2014, BeerTengoku visited the Kiuchi Brewery in Ibaraki and were told about their plans for Hitachino Brewing Lab, though told to keep quiet. We’d done so well in that respect we had almost forgotten about the place until an email came through telling us about it, and ever since that email, we had been trying to find …