Mitsuboshi Pale Ale by Morita Kinshachi Brewery

Mitsuboshi Pale Ale

Mitsuboshi Pale Ale is an English style pale ale brewed by Morita Kinshachi Brewery out of Nagoya. Mitsuboshi Pale Ale is based on a 19th century recipe for a style of beer that was popular under the three star brand. Brewed in a top-fermented style, so the yeast is at the top of the beer rather than at the bottom, Mitsuboshi Pale …


Ginga Kogen Pale Ale by Ginga Kogen Beer

Ginga Kogen Pale Ale 銀河高原ペールエール

Ginga Kogen Pale Ale is an English pale ale and advertised as a premium beer by Ginga Kogen. One of Ginga Kogen’s main beers, it is becoming increasingly common to see this in stores, and this was bought in my local regional supermarket for about ¥240. Ginga Kogen Pale Ale Aroma and Taste The first thing I noticed when Ginga …

Hitachino Nest Pale Ale by Kiuchi Brewery

Hitachino Nest Pale Ale

Hitachino Nest Pale Ale is Kiuchi Brewery’s attempt at brewing a pale ale along the lines of an old English style. It is heavily influenced by the British style and also contains hops and malts that are usually found in British beers, such as Kent Golding and Cascade hops, along with Maris Otter malt. Hitachino Nest Pale Ale Aroma and Taste …