Baeren Alt by Baeren

Baeren Alt

Baeren Alt is a 5% altbier from Baeren, based in Iwate, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. Baeren Alt is brewed to a traditional recipe from Dusseldorf in Germany. Baeren Alt Aroma and Taste Baeren Alt poured out a hazy copper colour with some sediment at the …

Baeren Yamada Beer by Baeren

Baeren Yamado Beer

Baeren Yamada Beer is a 5.5% alt style beer from Baeren, based in Iwate, Japan. The full name is Baeren Iwate-ken Yamado-cho Orando-shima beer. It’s part of the Baeren limited edition range and is Baeren’s effort to support the area that was damaged by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. Yamada-cho, or Yamada town in English, is located near the brewery and the staff …

Baeren Iwate Wit by Baeren 

Baeren Iwate Wit

Baeren Iwate Wit is a 4.5% witbier, or Belgian white ale as they call it, from Baeren, based in Iwate, Japan. It’s part of their autumn seasonal line up and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. The name stems from the fact that locally sourced wheat, known as nambu komugi, is used during brewing and …


Baeren Winter Weizen by Baeren

Baeren Winter Weizen ベアレン冬のヴァイツェン

Baeren make a couple of different weizens: the Baeren Summer Weizen and this the Baeren Winter Weizen. Baeren have produced a 5% German hefeweizen that is winter because of the label on the bottle and some bolder flavours according to the Baeren lineup on their website. It is on sale from November onwards and can be found in both bottles …


Baeren Chocolate Stout Vintage (2015) by Baeren

Baeren Chocolate Stout Vintage ベアレンチョコレートスタウトヴィンテージ

Baeren Chocolate Stout Vintage is Baeren’s attempt at aging their Baeren Chocolate Stout beer over time, and as such, the abv varies from year-to-year; however, this one had an abv of 9%. It’s classified as an imperial stout and is available from winter onwards, usually from January. Even though Baeren Chocolate Stout Vintage is sold at the beginning of January, there is …


Baeren Ursus by Baeren

Baeren Ursus ベアレンウルズス

Too many vowels in this one but it’s a weizenbock beer made by Baeren. Weizenbocks, as I have come to discover, are a style of beer that are designed to warm you up in the winter months by getting you very drunk, very quickly so you forget about the cold. Baeren Ursus has an abv of 7% and has been …


Baeren Only First Wort Premium Pilsner by Baeren Beer

Baeren Only First Wort Premium Pilsner

Baeren Only First Wort Premium Pilsner is a 5% pilsner made by Baeren Beer. It’s a seasonal beer though when it is released is unknown as Baeren haven’t listed it on their website at all. For those that don’t homebrew or know much about the beer making process, is that it is made from the first pass off the water as …

Baeren Beer Information

Baeren Beer Logo

Baeren Beer is a brewery located in Moriaka, Iwate that first started brewing beer back in February 2001. They first started using equipment that was imported from Germany, with some of it being over 100 years old. Their logo, a bear standing behind a shield with a keg on the front, is the prefectural animal of Iwate and the name …

Baeren Chocolate Stout by Baeren

Baeren Chocolate Stout

Baeren Chocolate Stout is a sweet stout advertised annually around the end of the calendar year and is heavily promoted around Valentine’s Day. There seems to be a few variations around; one with the year in the name and others without the year. The year is used to indicate the vintage of Baeren Chocolate Stout so I’m guessing that this beer can …