Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter by Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter

Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter is Kumazawa Brewing’s annual release for the male-orientated Valentine’s Day in Japan (long story and unfortunately it’s not going to be explained why on BeerTengoku). It can be found on sale from around early January though on a visit to Mokichi, Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter was nowhere to be found in bottle form, just on tap. It is also an award-winning beer, having won best porter in Asia in 2013.

Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter Aroma and Taste

I first tried Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter at Mokichi (review here) with Joe and was pleasantly surprised. Since then, I’ve been searching for it high and low in bottled form, only to come up short. Then it shows up at Valentine’s. Is Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter worth the hunt? Very much so.

It poured out a pitch black colour with two different levels of tan head; a thick, solid on top of the beer and a frothy, crisp on top of the head. Strange but that’s how it stuck around. The chocolate malts are strong in Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter with a bitter coffee aroma waiting in the sidelines while the nutty, chocolate notes hug your olfactory sense and tell them everything is going to be alright.

Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter reminded me of the Kinshachi Imperial Stout from a couple of days previous as again, the liquorice flavours came through though less pronounced. The sweetness played a part in balancing out that astringent taste. The main star here is the big, creamy, chocolate flavour that begs to be savoured rather than devoured. It all builds up to a finale of bitterness that contrasts with the chocolate nicely. Pass me another….

Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter One Line Review

I loved the draft version of Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter and love this bottled version too. If only it were sold in bottles all year around.

Where to Buy Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter

Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter can be drunk on draft throughout the year or bought at all Kumazawa Brewing owned restaurants and bars listed here. Sakaya Okadaya also had it in stock at the time of writing here. We picked up our bottle from World Gourmet in Yokohama though it’s a limited release. also has it in stock here.

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