is an online shop that specialises in selling Japanese craft beers from across the country. There is a wide selection, with breweries from Hokkaido down to Miyazaki available, and also sets of different types of beer, such as weizen or IPA sets.

In terms of ordering, offers up its goods from its own website, so no awkward Rakuten ordering. The ordering process is simple, and the options are wide and varied. Want to choose by brewery? You can. Want to choose by style? Guess what? You can. Have a particular taste you like? Well, you can choose by that too. There are so many to options that you will spend hours just flicking between them. However, the whole site is in Japanese, so unless you have Google Chrome browser or a translation plugin installed, it could be hard work. kegs

Do you have a party coming up? Get some kegs in for it.

On top of this, also sells kegs of beer too, if you have the equipment already. If you have the time and patience, then this is a great process to help you get some craft beer at your party. Moreover, if you are looking at setting up your own bar, also has the knowledge and equipment available to help you.

Shipping is flat-rate regardless of how many beers you order and on top of this, chilled shipping is included in the price, so you get your beers fresh and cold. For Kanto, South Tohoku, Shinshu, Hokuriki, Chubu, shipping is ¥500; Kansai and Kita Tohoku ¥550; Chugoku ¥600; Shikoku ¥750; Hokkaido and Kyushu ¥850, and Okinawa ¥950. The customer service is excellent. If you order before 3pm, the beers are shipped same day, if they are in stock. Overall, a great site to pick up some Japanese craft beers and good value for money.

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Been drinking beer since longer than I can remember. You can find me in a bar, on the slopes, or doing DIY. I enjoy porters, imperial porters, golden ales, and amber / viennas.

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