Dogo Kolsch by Dogo Beer

Dogo Kolsch道後ビール ケルシュ

Dogo Kolsch is a 5% kölsch style beer from Dogo Beer, based in Ehime, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. And that’s all I could find out about it.

Dogo Kolsch道後ビール ケルシュ

Dogo Kolsch Aroma and Taste

Dogo Kolsch poured out a biscuit amber colour with a thin layer of crisp white head on top that faded quicker than you can say “thin white head on top of a beer”. It had a light biscuit aroma to it, with hints of caramel and a subtle fruity aroma to it. Nothing outstanding or exceptional but it smelt like it should do.

The body started off with a sweet kick to it, with a floral flurry for good measure. The malts used in Dogo Kolsch brought a biscuity cracker taste to it that faded fast before leaving an edge of bitterness to it. Dogo Kolsch was quite refreshing but then it was chilled and didn’t have any bad flavours to it – just didn’t really leave much of a memory or any residing flavours.

Dogo Kolsch The Bottom Line

Dogo Kolsch is your usual-run-of-the-mill kölsch. Not bad but could do better.

Where To Buy Dogo Kolsch

Dogo Kolsch can be bought online at the following places:

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