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Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal by Hop Japan

by Rob
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Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal is a 5.5% India Pale Lager from Hop Japan, based in Fukushima, in Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal is brewed using locally grown hops, but Hop Japan have not released the name of the hops used; though with the name Crystal, it could be Crystal hops that are used, but then that could be referencing the clarity of the beer. Just tell us the name of the hops!

Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal

Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal : At A Glance


  • Alcohol : 5.5%
  • Style : India Pale Lager
  • Hops : Unknown
  • IBU : Unknown

Sale Information

  • Availability : All Year Round
  • On Sale : From July 2021
  • Size : 330 ml
  • Price : From 600 yen

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Buttery and sulphur like with earthy and some citrus aromas.
  • Notable Tastes : Buttery body with some sulphur quality. Slight bitterness with earthy tones.

Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal : Aroma & Taste

If Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal was named for it being, well crystal clear, then Hop Japan failed as it poured out a hazy golden honey colour with a small amount of white head on top. The aroma though was a peculiar one – I am not the biggest fan of IPLs and Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal brought a weird buttery and sulphur aroma to the forefront. There was some earthy and citrus notes that came through but they were constantly going against those two off flavours which were not pleasent.

The body was more of the same, though it was punctuated by some bitterness thankfully that gave my palate a rest from the butter and sulphur properties. The hops were earthy with some citrus thrown in but they were very much in the background to the beer – not something I particularly like in a style of beer that is used to show off hop flavour. The butteriness only got stronger as Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal got warmer and made for unpleasant drinking.

Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal : The Bottom Line

Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal was just not a nice beer at all. Give it a wide berth.


Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal : Where to Buy It

Hop Japan Abukuma Crystal can be bought online at the following places:

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