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Nara Integral Brett Version by Nara Brewing Company

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Nara Integral is a 7.5% saison from Nara Brewing Company, based in Nara, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup, though its availability is sporadic throughout the year. Nara Integral Brett Version is brewed using Styrian Goldings and Merkur hops, on a base that contains Pilsner Malt and Carapils. Nara Integral Brett Version is part of the Nara Brewing Company’s bottle conditioned lineup, beers known for changing over time, so pick up a few and age them if you can.

Nara Integral

Nara Integral Brett Version Aroma and Taste

This bottle of Nara Integral Brett Version was from the first batch released, and as such, its flavour has no doubt aged over time – something that bottle conditioned beers are well known for doing. As such, the flavours may be different for you when you buy and drink your purchase. Nara Integral Brett Version poured out a golden straw colour with a very frothy white head on top that lingered for a long time. The aroma coming off was mostly a yeasty one – lots of fruity phenols with a distinct peachy element to the beer, and also some alcohol heat too. At 7.5%, it’s not a potent heat, but it was noticeable, along with a sweetness from the malts which implied a subtle, if not noticeable, under attenuation of the yeast. There was a hint of the sourness from the Brett but it wasn’t as potent as I thought it was going to be, considering this beer had been aged for a while.

The body to the beer was gassy – clearly the bottle had undergone some more fermentation and as such, made me burp a lot. It’s not the first time that a beer has done this bit drinking 750ml of a burpy beer is tough going. But soldier on I must, soldier on I did. Nara Integral Brett Version had a distinct yeasty flavour to it, with the peachy phenols being front and forward in terms of flavour, with a dry body that did have some signs of sweetness. It wasn’t as dry as I would like for a saison – not that I want one bone dry but It wasn’t as refreshing as I hoped it would be. In terms of hops, there was just a faint earthiness to the beer, but nothing bitter or hoppy. Nara Integral finished off with a lingering sweetness in the body, along with the peachy phenols hanging around for a bit longer.


Nara Integral Brett Version The Bottom Line

Nara Integral Brett Version is a basic saison with a high entry fee.

Where to Buy Nara Integral Brett Version

Nara Integral Brett Version can be bought online at the following places:

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