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Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook by Devilcraft Brewery

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Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook is a 7% NE-IPA from Devilcraft Brewery, based in Shinagawa, in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their draft line up, though due to COVID-19, it began to be bottled. As such, its availability at the time of writing is unknown.

Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook・デビルクラフト クラウディアウトルック

Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook Aroma and Taste

I had Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook after drinking the Devilcraft Patriot Crush, and for want of a better phrase, Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook is like the older sibling to it. Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook poured out a hazy dark golden straw colour with slightly more white head on top that faded to a ring of bubbles around the edge of the glass. The aromas in the beer were also bigger than its younger sibling with a far more aromatic tropical nose to it – a more noticeable pineapple and mango aroma from start to finish, chilled to warm, with a stronger vibrant citrusy aroma too – a far bolder lemon and grapefruit aroma coming off too. Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook also had a bit more sweetness from the malts – not enough to be cloying but enough to be more noticeable too.

Like the nose, the body was also bigger and bolder. Everything in Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook said “I’m bigger and bolder” – far more tropical flavours and citrus notes in the body that made it more flavourful. That’s not to knock the Devilcraft Patriot Crush at all, but Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook seemed to present the NE-IPA style as I’ve come to expect it. There was more pop in the hops, with a more noticeable bitterness, along with fruity flavour, though thankfully the chloride / salty flavour that often plagues NE-IPA wasn’t noticeable – and if it was, it was well hidden. The lingering fruitiness was also in the aftertaste, and left a slightly sticky residue on the tongue.


Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook The Bottom Line

No miserable outlook here – Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook packs a flavourful punch of flavour.

Where to Buy Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook

Devilcraft Cloudy Outlook can be bought online at the following places:

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