Yorocco Blackbird Sipping in the Dead of the Night by Yorocco Beer

Yorocco Blackbird Sipping in the Dead of the Night・ヨロッコビール/ブラックバードシッピング

Yorocco Blackbird Sipping in the Dead of the Night, which for the remainder of this review will be called simply “Yorocco Blackbird”, is a 7% Brux Porter from Yorocco Beer, based in Ofuna, in Kanagawa, Japan. It’s part of their seasonal lineup, wit it usually coming out in Winter. What is a “brux porter” I hear you ask? Well it’s not marketing hype it seems but rather the addition of using Belgian yeast, hence the Brux part which stems from the French word for Brussels “Bruxelles”, along with a porter base. So it’s just a Belgian Porter really. At the time of writing, it’s unknown if Yorocco Blackbird will continue to be a seasonal beer, or year-round due to it being on sale in smaller bottles than its original form of 750ml bottles. And the name? A nice little homage to one of the best songs ever writing.

Yorocco Blackbird Sipping in the Dead of the Night・ヨロッコビール/ブラックバードシッピングYorocco Blackbird Sipping in the Dead of the Night Aroma and Taste

Yorocco Blackbird poured out a pitch black colour with a thin amount of off-white tan coloured head which faded to a few bubbles around the outside of the glass. The aromas coming off Yorocco Blackbird were peculiar – cocoa, coffee, plums, and apples – yeah that last one got me too. The aromas were rather light and fleeting when chilled, but more bold once it had warmed up. The yeast clearly had done some magic on the beer as it smelt like no other porter I’ve had before – I didn’t even know that Belgians liked porters. No doubt that last comment will end up with me getting emails about so-and-so Belgian porter.

At 7%, I was expecting something with a little alcohol warmth, but Yorocco Blackbird was dry and light for a porter. That’s not to say it was light in flavours, but like all stouts / porters, let the beer warm up before going to town on it. The cocoa and coffee flavours were there from the start, but the flavours from the yeast were hidden until Yorocco Blackbird had warmed up. They were all balanced nicely and made Yorocco Blackbird a delicious, and easy-drinking beer. The lingering fruitiness from the yeast stayed into the aftertaste, though it did leave me wanting something a little thicker.

Yorocco Blackbird Sipping in the Dead of the Night The Bottom Line

Yorocco Blackbird is a good twist on a style that often comes out thick and bold.

Where to Buy Yorocco Blackbird Sipping in the Dead of the Night

Yorocco Blackbird can be bought online at the following places:

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