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Nomcraft Sansho Together by Nomcraft Brewing

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Nomcraft Sansho Together is a 6.5% American IPA from Nomcraft Brewing, based in Aridagawa, in Wakayama, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition range, and also part of the global “All Together” beer range that was instigated by Other Half Brewing, based in The USA. Each brewery used the recipe provided by Other Half Brewing, and the choice of either a NE-IPA version or a West Coast IPA version. As the name suggest though, Nomcraft also used sansho, or Japanese pepper, with this version of the beer.

Nomcraft Sansho Together・ノンクラフト山椒トゥギャザー

Nomcraft Sansho Together Aroma and Taste

Nomcraft Sansho Together poured out a lot lighter than the Nomcraft All Together, which was rather surprising seeing as they both had the same base. However, Nomcraft Sansho Together had far more pop to it than the regular version, thanks to the sansho in the beer. Nomcraft Sansho Together was far more vibrant, with the citrus aromas being punchier, but also with a subtle pepperiness to the beer as well. The mango and peaches also became more pronounced too perhaps due to their contrasting nature against the spiciness of the beer. And that is perhaps the kicker here – if you don’t like sansho, or spiciness in your beer, then your nose may take an unwelcome beating.

The body to Nomcraft Sansho Together was warming – something that felt a bit peculiar in an IPA, with the heat from the sansho coming through both when the beer was chilled, and also warmed up. This did have the result of bringing the fruitiness out more in the beer, with the citrus and stone fruits punching more too. The citrus was especially more noticeable in this version of the “All Together” beer as well. The lingering sansho flavours carried on into the aftertaste too.


Nomcraft Sansho Together The Bottom Line

Sansho brings more of the flavour out, but may not be for everyone.

Where to Buy Nomcraft Sansho Together

Nomcraft Sansho Together can be bought online at the following places:

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