Boku Beer Kimi Beer Uraniwa Invader Easy Hop Cream Ale by Yo-Ho Brewing

The latest in the series of Yo-Ho’s frog beers, Uraniwa Invader Easy Hop Cream Ale is a 5% cream ale made with HBC 431 hops, barley malt and wheat malt. Like the previous entry in this series, Midnight Seijin, it’s a limited time, limited location release. It’s only available from Lawson and Natural Lawson convenience stores while stocks last.

It’s also the first cream ale we’ve ever reviewed on BeerTengoku, and the first Japanese cream ale I personally have ever had!

Welcome to my metallic spaceship, Invader Frog

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Uraniwa Invader Easy Hop Cream Ale Aroma and Taste

I’d forgotten my umbrella on my way home from work, and it had started raining, so I was speed-walking with a toddler in tow and two cans of this in my bag. Predictably, when I poured it out the head was, well, continental, to put it lightly. I could hear a distant psychic scream, unformed yet anguished, from the direction of Rob’s house.

The body is extremely pale with a slight opacity, and the nose is tropical, yet again. Strong notes of passion fruit and mango. I suppose this is the current direction Yo-Ho is taking the Boku Beer Kimi Beer line. What’s next, a tropical stout?! I don’t mind it though.

Tasting it, well, it kind of does exactly what it says on the can. There’s very little hop bitterness at all to start with, although it does emerge as the beer warmed up. But chilled, it’s all tropical.

I was averse to saying this beer was creamy because it was too obvious, but cream ales are as rare as a juggling horse in Japan and I honestly wasn’t familiar with them. I bet I wasn’t the only one who thought they were made with actual cream at first. Uraniwa Invader is very smooth and easy to drink, without any initial hint of bitterness or maltiness, but somehow maintaining a flavour profile and not just descending into a watery mess. It’s a shame it won’t be around until summer because this beer would be great to drink in the sun.

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Uraniwa Invader Easy Hop Cream Ale: The Bottom Line

Yo-Ho Brewing score another hit with their Boku Beer Kimi Beer line, and with a style not commonly found in Japan (by us at any rate). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Get it while you still can!

Second Opinion by Rob

It’s alright. Bit buttery and not going to offend anyone with its taste. Feels like a less flavourful old Yona Yona Ale.

Where to Buy Boku Beer Kimi Beer Uraniwa Invader Easy Hop Cream Ale

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Uraniwa Invader Easy Hop Cream Ale is only available at Lawson and Natural Lawson convenience stores.

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