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This week’s podcast comes to you live from the middle of Joe’s beard. Apologies for the rustling, next week he’ll be using a real microphone. We talk about some of the news, Joe’s infatuation with hunting out craft beer in anime, and how misogyny in the craft beer scene in Japan hampers its progress.

This podcast’s music is provided by The Worst Case Scenario with “The Beer Song”. Find them at:

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Links to Beers

  1. Sankt Gallen Imperial Stout
  2. Shiga Kogen Takashi Imperial Stout

Links to Stories

  1. Coedo tap takeover in Yokohama
  2. Craft beer in anime II
  3. Distant Shores brewing used Makuake to fund brewpub
  4. New Brewery “Rio Brewing” to open
  5. Craft beer market share
  6. Beer coupons being forged
  7. Japan Brewers Cup run down

Links to Articles

  1. Soapbox Article 3: Beer Awards
  2. Craft(y) Beers #2

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Been drinking beer since longer than I can remember. You can find me in a bar, on the slopes, or doing DIY. I enjoy porters, imperial porters, golden ales, and amber / viennas.

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