Boku Beer Kimi Beer Midnight Seijin by Yo-Ho Brewing

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Midnight Seijin by Yo-Ho Brewing ヤッホー僕ビール君ビールミッドナイト星人

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Midnight Seijin is a hoppy amber ale with an ABV of 5.5%. It was released yesterday! (October 24th, 2017)

Sneaky frog spy put a load of fruit in my beer

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Midnight Seijin Appearance and Taste

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Midnight Seijin pours out with a centimetre of beige foam. It’s a crystal-clear amber colour.

Before getting a whiff of this, I was expecting it to be hoppy like Aooni or the new Yona Yona, but this beer is all tropical fruit. there’s no piney, earthy or grassy hoppy aspect to this whatsoever. I’m getting guava, mango and passion fruit all over the place. I know this style is a bit of a fad at the moment, and a few of our readers will roll their eyes, but I really enjoy this flavour. Sometimes it’s OK to drink a beer that doesn’t smell like a compost heap!

Tasting it, it’s slightly dry and bitter, especially on the aftertaste, but it’s 99.9% juicy tropical fruit up in here. Mango, guava, just as the nose implied. I think purists will be grinding their teeth on their ceramic mugs at the fact that this calls itself a “hoppy amber” but doesn’t really taste of either.

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Midnight Seijin: The Bottom Line

An amber ale made with tons of tropically juicy hops is quite a unique and bizarre mix. It works for me, but don’t pick it up if you’re an old grandad.

Also, don’t pick it up expecting it to taste like either an amber ale or a traditionally hoppy beer. But do pick it up though. It’s a fun beer.

P.S. In my New Yona Yona review I expressed concern that Yo-Ho was “carpet-bombing” all their beers with hops. I’m glad to have been proved wrong!

Where to Buy Boku Beer Kimi Beer Midnight Seijin

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Midnight Seijin can only be bought at Lawson’s convenience stores.

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