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Songbird Brett Table Beer by Brewery Songbird 

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Songbird Brett Table Beer is a 4.5% sour ale from Brewery Songbird, based in Chiba, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beer and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. Songbird Brett Table Beer uses Bruxellensis / Lambicus / Lactobacillus during the brewing process; however, it’s aim is to be a table beer – one that you can drink plenty of without getting too drunk or having a beer too flavourful. However, with this being a wild brewed beer, no two bottles are the same it seems according to Brewery Songbird – so how can we review this beer? Let’s carry on.

Songbird Brett Table Beer

Not quite as sour as you think it would be.

Songbird Brett Table Beer Aroma and Taste

Like many other beers it seems, Songbird Brett Table Beer is one that I’ve drunk a few times now and forgotten to review, with this being the third iteration now I think according to my notes. And yet for a beer that is part of a regular all-round beer, Songbird Brett Table Beer is perhaps the most inconsistently consistent beer that I’ve had. I’ve seen it pour out with a hazy orange colour and a plump fluffy white head, to this above of a more hazy orange brown and minimal amount of head. All of them have had a musty cardboard smell – which I guess is planned but the sourness is distinctly lacking in the nose. There was some brett funk to it but seeing as it’s a table beer, and meant to be enjoyed with meals, then the nose is just about right – enough to detect but not enough to distract you from your dinner.

The body is more of the same of the nose – it had some bite but not enough to keep you aware of the brett funk, so if you’re new to sour beers, or looking to try something different, then Songbird Brett Table Beer would be right up your street. The main thing missing in Songbird Brett Table Beer is carbonation – either this bottle had leaked or they had forgotten to put anything into it. I would have liked some to have helped lift the flavours and bring some more of the sourness to the forefront. It had a slight grapefruit like edge to it, with a subdued malty sweetness before finishing off with a subtle sourness.

Songbird Brett Table Beer The Bottom Line

Songbird Brett Table Beer is a nice little introduction into sour beers for someone trying them out but it’s not going to blow you away if you like your sour beers.


Where to Buy Songbird Brett Table Beer

Songbird Brett Table Beer can be bought online at the following places:

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