Kyoto Bakushu Tanba no Kuromame by Kizakura Shuzo

Well, here we are. My one hundredth article on the site, finally. I vow to never talk about Rob’s copious work output in my reviews after this: Robert William Bright talks to me about the site on our team working app from 6:30am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday. If I’ve ever had any writer’s block, it’s because I’m constantly reminded …

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi by Kizakura Shuzo

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi 京都麦酒京野菜九条ねぎ

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi is uuuuurgh. Sorry. Let me try again. Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi is a f-uaaaarrghhh. OK. Deep breath. I can do this. Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi is a 5% vegetable beer made with green onions i think imgoingtobesick Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi Aroma and Taste onions it’s onion juice guys onions CHRIST So here’s this beer. You can see me drinking it …

Kizakura Kyoto Bakushu Information

Kizakura Kyoto Bakushu

Kizakura Kyoto Bakushu, like many other first generation craft beer breweries, has its roots in the sake production business, and was established soon after the Japanese government changed the alcohol production laws back in 1994. Kizakura Beer started making beer back in 1995, with the using the same water that they have been using to make sake. They have also collaborated …

Kizakura Lucky Dog by Kizakura Brewery

Kizakura Lucky Dog

Kizakura Lucky Dog is a 5% pale ale from Kizakura Brewery. It’s unfiltered and made with rice and Cascade hops. Kizakura Lucky Dog Aroma and Taste The second of the Kizakura Lucky beers I found, I hadn’t checked what type of beer it was before I opened it (I like to live dangerously). Before pouring I got a whiff of …


Kizakura Lucky Cat by Kizakura Brewery

Kizakura Lucky Cat

Kizakura Lucky Cat is a 5% White Ale from Kizakura Brewery. It’s made with yuzu (citron) and sansho, which is a species of Sichuan pepper. Sansho has a pungent, tangy flavour and is usually used as a condiment for pork dishes. The combination of yuzu and sansho is many Japanese brewers’ version of the usual white ale ingredients- orange peel …

Kizakura Kyoto Classic by Kizakura Beer

Kizakura Kyoto Classic

Kizakura Kyoto Classic is a 4.5% Amber ale from Kizakura Beer, based in Kyoto, Japan. It was first released in 2016, though managed to slip under the radar for most beer drinkers. Kizakura Kyoto Classic is part of Kizakura Beer’s push to expand into new markets, in particular overseas ones in Asia and the US. It’s brewed using Saaz hops and …


J-Craft Beers

J Craft Beer Lineup

I’ve been scouring the Deep Beer Web for an hour now and I can’t find anything substantial about these J-Craft beers. The site they’re attached to,, brands itself as a gourmet web magazine and is apparently run by Mitsubishi Foods, which explains why they’ve managed to get a bunch of celebrities to gurn over their website, and also how …


Kyoto Bakushu Kura no Kaori by Kizakura Sake Brewing Company

Kyoto Bakushu Kura no Kaori

Kyoto Bakushu Kura no Kaori is a 4% pale lager from Kizakura Sake Brewing Company based in Kyoto, Kansai. This beer was one of the first beers from them back in 1995 and is part of their all-year round range of beers. Like Kyoto Bakushu Alt, Kyoto Bakushu Kura no Kaori is brewed using locally sourced underground water; however, they have used Seishi …


Kyoto Bakushu Alt by Kizakura Sake Brewing Company

Kyoto Bakushu Alt

Kyoto Bakushu Alt is a 5% alt beer from Kizakura Sake Brewing Company based in Kyoto. It was the first beer from Kizakura back in 1995 and is brewed using locally sourced underground water from the Kyoto area. It is brewed to the German purity laws so only malt and hops in this beer. And besides that, there isn’t much other …