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Baeren Classic by Baeren Bier

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Baeren Classic is a dortmunder style beer from Baeren Bier, in Iwate prefecture, Japan. It’s a 6% beer that is part of their all-year round selection and can be found in both bottles and on draft form. Besides that, there isn’t much information out there about Baeren Classic.

Baeren Classic

It’s a beer but not much information about it.

Baeren Classic Aroma and Taste

I drunkenly stumbled across this beer in my local supermarket after being sent out on a mission to pick up some beer for a “friend”. Wandering around the supermarket, a non-descript one that can be seen across the country, I finally found the alcohol section, only to be greeted by a huge row of Kirins, Asahis, and so on. However, hiding at the far end, just behind the happoshu beers, was Baeren Classic and some of its brethren. There were no other craft beer around in the aisle, which made it even weirder that some Baeren beers were there. Quids in and great result.

Baeren Classic had an amber body adorned with a frothy white head that resembled something like honeycomb with all the holes and fluffiness to it. There was a decent amount of hops in the nose along with some subtle sweet tones of fruit too that only grew stronger as the beer warmed up throughout drinking.

And boy, it was an easy drinking beer. Baeren Classic slipped down so well that I was glad I bought two to try. The first was deliciously crisp and had a bitter edge to it that lingered but didn’t overstay its welcome. The second Baeren Classic was served warmer than the first; with it came some sweet caramel tones and a bread-like taste to it – not quite white bread, perhaps more like wholemeal, though it was just as easy-drinking as the first.


Baeren Classic One Line Review

Baeren Classic is a great example of a helles beer and is also very easy-drinking. Well worth a purchase.

Where to Buy Baeren Classic

Baeren Classic can be bought online at the following places:

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Oliver March 30, 2017 - 5:08 pm

Yes, it is well worth trying. Unfortunately it is very hard to find in shops, but this could be a craft beer that could easily become a mainstream beer.


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