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Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2016 in Nishi-Umeda, Osaka

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Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2016

A bit late to the show with this one, but the Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2016 is coming up on Friday 29th April and Saturday 30th April at Breezé-Breezé in Nishi-Umeda, Osaka. There are a variety of events over the two days, but the second day appears to be the most interesting.

The Friday of the Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2016 starts from 11am and goes on until 8pm and the Saturday starts at the same time; however, runs until 4pm. The tickets are as follows:

  • Plastic cup with 10 beer tickets are ¥3,900 in advance.
  • Original glass with 10 beer tickets are ¥3,900 in advance and are limited to 50 sets for each day.

For those single readers looking for a craft beer partner, there is a beer con, or beer dating event on the Saturday from 5:30pm until 8pm. Tickets are ¥4,900 for men, and ¥3,500 for women. Tickets included the entrance fee and 8 beers.


The line of breweries with 60+ beers on tap includes:

How to Get Tickets for Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2016

Tickets for the regular plastic cups can be bought at the following places:

  • Ticket Pia
  • Lawson Ticket
  • E+

Tickets for the original glass can be bought online at the following places:

How to Get To Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2016

The closest station to Breezé Breezé is Nishi-Umeda station on the Osaka City Subway Yotsubashi Line. The building is about a three-minute walk away from the station.

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